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zerunianandweisz@ beirut design week

zerunianandweisz at beirut design week May 19th to 26th KED / KARANTINA*

full house - sculptural volumes & a collection of trays.

limited editions.

poetic stories as tangible sets are a subtle interplay of design & craft. revolving around found objects, vintage treasures & iconic keepsakes:

chased by hand, developed with roma coppersmiths in transylvania, the traditional craftsmen of bardo, in constantine, algeria

& the masterful artisans from tripoli, lebanon.

* KED is below forum de beirut, on emile lahoud avenue. past the slaughterhouse, at the very end of the block before heading back up towards the highway, we are the last building on your right. there are big trees right next to it.

photos: mark glassner

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