The design duo zerunianandweisz. is showing handmade metal objects from their limited edition series ‘7ooo blows’ at the Collective Design Fair. In close collaboration with the Caldarai, a Transylvanian Roma coppersmith community, a set of contemporary shapes was developed and turned into sculptural tabletop accessories. While incorporating traditional craftsmanship and reacting to specifics of this ancient production method, new shapes and cultural references were established.

“Our challenge is to remove sentimentality from handicrafts and push Roma products into the contemporary universe. We wanted to prove that items made with ancient skills have a place in today’s design world” says Nadja Zerunian explaining her mission. The intensive cooperation on the sculptural objects reinforces the pride of this community in their traditional skills and supports their sole source of income, both almost lost.

‘7000 blows’

Collective Design Fair

@ Rauminhalt / booth B II

Skyline Clarkson SQ

New York

04. – 08. Mai 2016

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