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all the way from bucharest ...

we are @ Vienna Design Week 2015. What a journey in just year. I just wish all the amazing crafts(wo)men could be here …


Vienna Design Week
Roma Artisans: Craft Reloaded
Fr 25.09.–Su 4.10.2015

Copper smithing, wood carving and broom-making are handicrafts which over the centuries have signified for many Roma people identification with their ethnic group, but they also mean one special thing: their livelihood. The revival of these traditions was made possible by Meșteshukar ButiQ together with the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership. The re-interpreted, traditional products that craftspeople produced in cooperation with the designers Nadja Zerunian
and Peter Weisz can be bought during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK in a pop-up store. “… a time trip into a world of the past, which nevertheless mirrors the actual reality of modern Europe and, it is hoped, contributes to making people see an ethnic group in a completely new light.”

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