galerie rauminhalt, wien

we collaborated with the best craftsmen of the Caldarai, a traditional Roma community focused for many centuries on copper chasing. together we evolved the traditional forms & developed a set of unique shapes to create this collection. all items in this series are made
by hand in crafted precision - the essential beauty is established by the delicately balanced combination of archaic craft & modern design.
It takes approximately 7000 rhythmic blows, 70 times in the fire & the exceptionally skilled hands of a traditional coppersmith to create a shape out of a single sheet of metal. ultimately, after painstaking & labor-intensive production & finishing processes,a limited edition of tabletop sculptures evolved. surprising details are revealed. the objects seem to float, are balanced off-centered, barely touching the ground. the tension is perfectly calibrated. the rounded contours of the edges, the exaggerated gentle coves & dynamic curves provide both the accent & signature of this collection, but they are foremost testimony to outstanding craftsmanship. each object visualizes how demanding skills are mastered & utilized to realize a clear design statement. it is exactly this mix that makes ‘7000 blows’ so exceptional & unique. when examining these items - the challenge of creation has disappeared. what remains is pure, radiating, poetic & light-footed.

photo credit: stefan zeisler text: elisabeth fiege


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