• fremdes vogel: poetic sets in limited editions. a subtle play of design & craftsmanship revolving around found objects: the eponymous ‘fremdes vogel’. product-landscapes on trays, standing in a narrative context: open stories - touching, bold & sentimental. the collection is realized by master craftsmen of the caldarai, a roma community in transylvania, working for centuries in metal crafts.


    photos: stefan zeisler














  • 7ooo blows is our first limited edition in copper, silver & brass. chased by hand. complemented by found treasures. reworked objects create small sensual landscapes, based on the traditional competence of the caldarari - a roma community in transylvania, working for centuries in metal crafts. It takes 7ooo rhythmic blows & seventy times in the fire until the final shape evolves. a year-long cooperation with victor clopotar redefining traditional forms. the result: a collection of product-landscapes that examine material, an ancient craft & a new cultural reference.

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  • the grand transylvanian tour: our seemingly exotic journey started three years ago - working with roma crafts wo/men all across romania. the challenges were plenty - the amazement enormous - the people & skills outstanding. we fell in love with their talent & stories. sometimes we were tempted to believe that we had reached our limit or, that we had seen it all - but there is always something more. so, that's why we keep going as if there was no return.

    we are there from the beginning. we discuss & re-discuss. we draw & re-draw. we sit next to our craftsmen in the chilling cold of the transylvanian winters & the scorching summers as well. we witness every single blow, the slow transformations, each curve – each plane, we insist on the finishing cuts. we are there, when the object finally materializes- relieved from the soot. a labor of love & dedication. one can confirm, by this time: we are obsessed: our objects look at us, talk to us & follow us.

    now, we believe mark glassner has found a way that they also might speak to you.


    an amazing interpretation of ‘7ooo blows’ more sculptural pieces.

    every item is chased by hand by a traditional roma craftsmen in transylvania.

    photos: mark glassner











    .nadja zerunian

    is co-founder of the design group zerunianandweisz & advises the Erste Foundation’s Roma Partnership Program. She worked for a decade as a senior designer with Calvin Klein in New York before becoming creative director first at Georg Jensen and then at the Swatch Group. Nadja studied at the university of applied arts in Vienna under Ernst Caramelle, Carl Auboeck and Ron Arad. She lives and works in Vienna & the USA.

    peter weisz.

    co-founded zerunianandweisz. Previously, he worked as creative & fashion director & stylist for Schaufenster/ Die Presse, Diva, Woman, WIener, Ahead, Attitude/ GB, Palmers & Swarovski. under his eponymous label, he has designed bespoke fashion for men & women as well as outfits for staff at social hotspots including Ungerundklein, Taubenkobel & Wunderl. Peter studied fashion in Vienna where he now lives.

    we met over lunches & dinners. we volunteered / worked & now started dreaming together. zerunianandweisz.


    the very special thank you's:

    to aida, misha, sabri, samih. megumi. alexandra & alexandra, andrei, cristina, lexi, madalin, nicoleta, orlando, simona, victor. rebecca, gyorgi. khalid. alina, camilo, franz, hajni. adina & ion. karin, christoph, johanna / stefan & stephan & mark. my nick & your dizzi. but most of all the amazing crafts/wo/men who made this journey possible.….. lenuta, nevers, simona, victor, eva, zoli, teresa, gheorghe, elena, sandu,maria, zorin, maria, mica, cornell, ion, nicu, bebe, kostica & all




    photo credits: stefan zeisler, raphael sammer, mark glassner



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